Is Your Hyoid Bone The Key To Unlocking Your Entire Body?

This month I have decided to outline the importance of a structure often overlooked called the hyoid bone or ‘floating’ bone.  It can have a large impact on major movers throughout your body.

Do you have pelvic misalignment that simply won’t resolve no matter how many corrections or manipulations to the pelvis directly? Look to the hyoid bone especially if you have had intubation during surgery, suffered from severe choking, acid reflux, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction or any major impact traumas to the neck or jaw.

The hyoid is the only bone in the body which has no direct connections to other bones, also known as ‘the floating bone’. It plays a vital role in breathing, swallowing and speech as well as keeping the upper airway open during sleep. Beyond these functions the hyoid bone also acts as a ‘spirit level’ for the body, performing static adjustments of posture, meaning that if the hyoid bone is displaced to either side our perception of centre is altered.

Many cases have been reported in dentistry regarding individuals claiming to have improved posture after dental surgery, this is often due to the manipulation of the teeth altering the position of the jaw which in turn alters the position of the hyoid bone. In my personal experience using a protocol taught to me through Neurokinetic Therapy to manipulate the hyoid I have seen resolution of neck, shoulder and lower back pain as well as immediate and lasting impacts on a case of median neuropathy (tingling sensations in the palm, thumb and two closest fingers) of both hands.

The musculature surrounding the hyoid is delicate and houses so many nerves and arteries so unlike usual I won’t be posting an exercise to try but if any of the above sounds like you please give me a call to discuss things further.

As my mentor Perry Nickelston would say ‘what screams the loudest isn’t always the most important’.

Stay safe,


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