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Pre Consultation

I often say to my clients ‘the nervous system will hold on to your major traumas until given a reason not to’ and the reply is often ‘so <insert incident> that happened ten years ago is still effecting my body now?’ and the answer is simply ‘yes’.

Every time we have a major incident happen in our lives we create a layer of adaption within the body and pain surfacing is the body saying ‘I’ve adapted all I can to keep us moving, help!’ Your journey to the treatment table dictates the treatment itself, which is why it is vitally important to discuss all previous incidents and injuries before we meet face to face, this is often done via email or over the phone.


Your structure is a reflection of your unique journey through life. It is vitally important we take the time to understand what strategies your body has laid down to keep you moving.

During the consultation I will encourage as much information from your body as possible through the use of whole body movement analysis. The aim is not to assess the sight of pain in isolation, but to take a look at the bigger picture, how your pain came to be and how not to just manage it but resolve it.


The aim is to use the information gathered through injury history and movement analysis to create a treatment plan. The use of NKT’s refined muscle testing helps ensure our treatment plan is on the right track with the ultimate goal to integrate a whole body movement solution. 

Although unconventional, this approach is simple in its logic.  Anatomy texts teach us that the body is made up individual muscles and joints, which never interact with one another, however this is not how we work and function.

We are not talking about a foot or a leg in isolation. We are talking about how a foot effects a skull, or a leg effects a shoulder, how the liver moves as we move, how the heart pumps and the diaphragm sucks in air, how a nervous system conducts and the cardiovascular system nourishes.  We are talking about a synchronised orchestra of anatomy working on a global scale with every foot step we take – a foot step that is repeated thousands of times a day.  

Imagine the power of harnessing this flow.

I went to see Ben towards the second half of 2015 having experienced several years of niggling back, neck and shoulder pain, occasionally flaring up into the most excruciating and debilitating pain. Ben has the in-depth knowledge and experience to look at and assess the whole body. He is able to quickly trace previous muscular and skeletal trauma, identifying the root cause of the pain and putting in place treatments that not only rectify the problem but ensure the problem isn’t diverted to another part of the body. For the first time in years I’m completely pain free and have been for several months. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough, if you suffer from any form of muscular pain, whether you’re into sports in a big way or approaching middle age suffering the usual aches and pains, Ben is most definitely the person for you.

Ian Sopp
Global Service Partner at Zebra Technologies

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