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NKT-LogoNeurokinetic therapy (NKT) was developed by David Weinstock in San Fransisco. This brilliant concept of modified muscle testing enables muscle patterns to be assessed and compensations to be understood. Traditional therapy often favours releasing tight joints and massaging sore muscles, often failing to understand why they are working so hard in the first place. If a joint manipulation helps for a couple of days, but then stiffness starts to return, then the joint is restricted for a reason. NKT provides a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that helps to understand the root cause of these poor movement patterns and instantaneous feedback that guides your journey to pain free movement.

AiM1Anatomy in Motion is the ever evolving brain child of Gary Ward. Its aim is to unlock the incredible potential that lies within every human body. By observing the body move during walking it is possible to identify joints, muscles and postures that are being compromised with every step we take. Alongside a thorough case history it is then possible to paint a picture as to why there is pain in the system. Anatomy in Motion offers natural movements back to the body. It is as if the body has forgotten how to use certain patterns and it just needs a gentle reminder that movement would be so much easier this way.

sports massageDeep Tissue Massage is designed to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increase range of motion at joints. Deep Tissue Massage can result in instant increases in muscle length and has been found to improve circulation enabling muscles to receive more oxygen and nutrients. Deep Tissue Massage improves drainage of the lymphatic system preventing the buildup of waste products in the muscles and improving post workout recovery.


Primal Movement Chains are a series of exercises developed based on child like movements. On two feet we are skilled compensators because if we were not most of us would fall over. Heading to the ground and using primal movements takes away the fear factor of falling over so we can learn to create new neural pathways and more efficient movement in order to resolve pain. This approach will literally build your body back from the ground up.