I enter every single session with one simple question, why? Why does your shoulder hurt? Why does your back hurt? Often both therapist and client can get wrapped up in the what, what can be done to fix the problem? What is the issue with my foot? If you find the why you’ll get your what.

Movements Can Be Broken Down Easily Online

Since going into lockdown I have found online sessions to be just as effective in answering the why as face to face appointments. Take this example, say you perform a shoulder movement standing up and the movement is restricted and painful, but when you lie down the exact same movement becomes pain free and smooth. Why?

Well two potential reasons, either your shoulder is unstable in a standing position but when led down your body feels safe to move OR your shoulder isn’t the issue at all, but in standing due to postural distortions it is being held back from achieving full potential.

Now we have two schools of thought. Why would your shoulder be unstable? Do you have a history of any collar bone breaks, breaks further down the arm, ligament tears or shoulder dislocations? Or are the main bulk of your historical traumas elsewhere in the body, in which case what lines of movement (better known as fascia) could be impacting your shoulder when stood up, that are relaxed when led down?

Exploring Movement Potential Is No Issue Over A Camera

We then have the ability to explore and observe movement potential elsewhere over a camera and can also put different stimulus into your body to see how the shoulder reacts. What if you turn the neck to one side? Bite down on your jaw? Hold your breath? What if we get you press hard into an area of tissue seemingly unrelated, do things alter? Do any of these change your pain or improve your movement? If so that is valuable information that will get us ever closer to completing the puzzle and finding your why!

With regards to what can be done, homework exercises are demonstrated, talked through and provided via video post session in order for you to take control of your pain and improve your movement.

Can I observe over a camera whilst getting your feedback on what is happening in your body during movement? Yes. Do you still get a rehabilitation program completely unique to you as an individual? Yes. Am I still on hand to answer any and all questions surrounding the problem we’re working together to fix? Of course I am.

Client Feedback From Online Sessions

You don’t have to take my word for it, since going into lock down Ben Fedrick Injury Therapy has already several recommendations regarding the effectiveness of online work:

“I was a little skeptical of online physio sessions but I didn’t want to put everything on hold until after the lock-down. I have now had 3 sessions and am very happy with the results. Ben clearly puts a lot of thought and work into analysing how I move via online video sessions and putting it all together into a bespoke exercise plan, which is very clearly working – I am performing movements that were difficult or even impossible a few weeks ago and am in so much less pain. I am so glad I gave it a go.” – Liz Lowe

“The online sessions have worked really well – Ben was able to talk through a series of easy to do-at-home steps that immediately made a huge difference, unlocking a long-standing and complex problem, freeing the pain and getting me moving again. Thank you Ben!” – James Tremayne.

“I initially went to him with a shoulder issue, not only was he able to help reduce my pain level, but he was able to suss out a hip issue that was contributing to the shoulder pain. Mind blown! And he did all this through video chat! If you haven’t seen Ben for your pain issues, you NEED to!!!” – Jill Huber

“Ben was able to do an assessment over Zoom and recommend some exercises to help ease the pain/repair my injury. I have been doing the exercises for 4 days now and can already feel a real difference!” – Emma Wearn

Don’t Suffer Needlessly

If you’re struggling and waiting for therapists doors to reopen please don’t suffer needlessly, so much can be done to help from the comfort of your own living room.

Stay safe and keep moving,


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