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‘I am so impressed with what Ben has been able to do with me online! I initially went to him with a shoulder issue, not only was he able to help reduce my pain level, but he was able to suss out a hip issue that was contributing to the shoulder pain. Mind blown! And he did all this through video chat! If you haven’t seen Ben for your pain issues, you NEED to!!!’

Jill Huber
Massage Therapist at Body for Life Massage Therapies
Testimonial made via LinkedIn

‘I went to see Ben towards the second half of 2015 having experienced several years of niggling back, neck and shoulder pain, occasionally flaring up into the most excruciating and debilitating pain. Ben has the in-depth knowledge and experience to look at and assess the whole body. He is able to quickly trace previous muscular and skeletal trauma, identifying the root cause of the pain and putting in place treatments that not only rectify the problem but ensure the problem isn’t diverted to another part of the body. For the first time in years I’m completely pain free and have been for several months. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough, if you suffer from any form of muscular pain, whether you’re into sports in a big way or approaching middle age suffering the usual aches and pains, Ben is most definitely the person for you.’

Ian Sopp
Global Service Partner at Zebra Technologies
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‘I play rugby and have had some recurring shoulder and back problems so were recommended to Ben through previous clients of Bens. Ben is extremely knowledgeable in his practice, talking you through what he is doing and why. The first assessment with Ben allows him to find your strengths and weaknesses; he then gives you simple moves to help. I noticed a difference almost instantly with the mobility in my shoulder and that the pain was much less, hence why I booked my next appointment there and then. Not only is Ben polite, knowledgeable, friendly, honest and experienced, he is also extremely good value for money.’

George Seymour
Amateur Rugby Player
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‘Was suffering with a sore neck and shoulders after running. Ben spent a long time with me diagnosing and fixing the cause, being hip related who would of thought!! Have since been on several long runs with no repeat of the problem. Would highly recommend. Thanks Ben’

Dave Carlin
Amateur Distance Runner
Testimonail made via facebook