How To Reduce Your Back Pain

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  • Phillip Kenna

    “I had an L4/L5 disc herniation and had been suffering for over a year. I had tried stretching, had several physios, massages and had an epidural injection. Each of these had absolutely no effect and surgery was becoming a real possibility. I was pointed in the direction of Neurokinetic Therapy and AIMS by a friend and fortunately for me Ben was my closest practitioner.

    From the first consultancy session, Ben was very easy going and seemed to soak in all the information I was giving him. He set my expectations perfectly from the first session, so I knew my recovery would be slow and steady. Ben has been extremely methodical over the 10 sessions we’ve had together, testing then correcting the various dysfunctional parts of my body caused by my many past injuries. I seriously did not think that I would be so well recovered. Thank you, Ben.”

  • Katie Hart

    “Having various ailments that I thought were individual, made Ben think. His thinking worked, as they are ALL linked . Having given me some exercises and video tutorials to follow – in case I forgot the exercises – enabled me to start moving with ease and had a huge improvement on my pain levels.

    Ben is thorough, knowledgeable and a polite young man who goes the extra inch to make sure his clients leave with as much knowledge and “tools” needed to improve their life. I really cannot recommend Ben enough. Thank you SO much Ben.”

  • Catherine Belcher

    “Ben is incredibly professional and very friendly. He has helped my 18yr old daughter from having terrible pain in her right hip and struggling to walk, to now being able to walk over 2 miles with very little pain. In my daughters words “Ben is a miracle worker!”. We would highly recommend Ben to anyone struggling with pain issues.”

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