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‘I met Ben last year after a bad horse riding accident where I broke my back. I was struggling with pain and wanted to lose weight but couldn’t exercise because of the pain. There was nothing more the doctors and physio would do. After just a few months with Ben I became pain free which was something I never expected. He taught my body how to work correctly again and I can now enjoy exercise. Ben has such a great personality it’s never awkward. I would urge anyone to give it a try.’

Rosie Scott
Equine Secretary at Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery
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I fully recommend Ben to anyone who has either back issues, leg issues, posture problems and any other functional problems. He works on the whole body and I have definitely seen the results in myself. Some years back I saw him for a back problem which, with Ben’s help, resolved itself within a short time. More recently, I have had problems with my leg – again he looked at the whole functioning of my body and where the core problem was.

AnneMarie Smellie
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‘After the birth of my son I have been experiencing lower back pain and hip pain. Ben was able to pinpoint the misalignment that was causing the stress on my joints and correct that. The result – pain free and able to move so much better.’

Diana Dolton
Healing Practitioner at Matrix Alchimia
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‘I had an L4/L5 disc herniation and had been suffering for over a year. I had tried stretching, had several physios, massages and had an epidural injection. Each of these had absolutely no effect and surgery was becoming a real possibility.

I was pointed in the direction of Neurokinetic Therapy and Anatomy in Motion by a friend and fortunately for me Ben was my closest practitioner. From the first session Ben was very easy going and seemed to soak in all the information I was giving him. He set my expectations perfectly from the first appointment, so I knew my recovery would be slow and steady.

Ben has been extremely methodical over the 10 sessions we’ve had together, testing then correcting the various dysfunctional parts of my body caused by my many past injuries. I seriously did not think that I would be so well recovered. Thank you, Ben.’

Phillip Kenna
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