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“I started seeing Ben a few months ago because of knee & hip pain from an injury a couple of years ago. I followed his daily exercise program & I’m now pain free and have even managed a few runs around our village – so amazing – thank you Ben!

Jane Ingram
Registered Nurse at BMI Healthcare
Testimonial made via LinkedIn

I was a little skeptical of online physio sessions but I didn’t want to put everything on hold until after lockdown. I have now had 3 sessions and am very happy with the results. Ben clearly puts a lot of thought and work into analysing how I move via online video sessions and putting it all together into a bespoke exercise plan, which is very clearly working. I am performing movements that were difficult or even impossible a few weeks ago and am in so much less pain. I am so glad I gave it a go.”

Liz Lowe
Testimonial made via Email

“I went to Ben with pains in my knees from cycling. I had done the usual ‘YouTubing’ and home stretches. Ben really does know his stuff and after an assessment we went ahead to do a couple months of stretches and strengthening exercises. These looked at weaknesses and how I carry myself. I am now pain free & better off with the knowledge Ben has given.”

Stuart Self
Amateur Cyclists
Testimonial made via facebook

“I saw Ben for 10 sessions . Initially to try and help with a knee that had been a problem for almost 40 years. After many surgeries (20+) I was resigned to the prospect of a new knee joint. My PT recommended Ben and I am so so glad he did. I felt a huge difference after just one session and by the end of my 10 weeks was squatting and lunging pain free!”

Rachael Griffiths
Testimonial made via facebook