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Hip Pinching & Compression

Your Foot Can Change Everything

Pain Running Down The Outside Of Your Leg?

“I saw Ben for about 10 sessions . Initially to try and help with a knee that has been a problem for almost 40 years. After many surgeries (20+) I was resigned to the prospect of a new knee joint. My PT recommended Ben and Im so so glad he did.

I felt a huge difference after just one session and by the end of my 10 weeks was squatting and lunging ! Ben is professional and incredibly good at what he does. As far as Im concerned he is a life saver, definitely a joint saver, and just a very talented guy. You have nothing to lose but pain.” – Rachael Griffiths

“I initially saw Ben as I had sprained my ankle but he has helped me well beyond my ankle in straightening me, giving me more flexibility and movement – I can even touch my toes.

It is a great experience because Ben is so passionate about what he does and gets very enthusiastic when he discovers something new or a part of the body connecting with another. Who knew that by moving my hyoid bone I would suddenly get movement in my ankle. But you do need to do the homework exercises to feel the full benefit.” – Hilary Backwell