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I got in touch with Ben after suffering a knee injury whilst playing football. I was really pleased with the way he explained what the issues were and helped me understand what was causing the pain.

His passion and enthusiam is really apparent when he’s talking through how different parts of the body all work together. He demonstrated the exercises he wanted me to undertake at home and it was amazing to see the improvement in our next session 2 weeks later.

A few more sessions and exercises carried out at home and I am now pain free. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone suffering pain, you won’t be disappointed!”

Matt Holmes
Internal Account Manager at NTT
Testimonial made via Facebook

I was a little skeptical of online physio sessions but I didn’t want to put everything on hold until after lockdown. I have now had 3 sessions and am very happy with the results. Ben clearly puts a lot of thought and work into analysing how I move via online video sessions and putting it all together into a bespoke exercise plan, which is very clearly working. I am performing movements that were difficult or even impossible a few weeks ago and am in so much less pain. I am so glad I gave it a go.”

Liz Lowe
Testimonial made via Email

“I went to Ben with pains in my knees from cycling. I had done the usual ‘YouTubing’ and home stretches. Ben really does know his stuff and after an assessment we went ahead to do a couple months of stretches and strengthening exercises. These looked at weaknesses and how I carry myself. I am now pain free & better off with the knowledge Ben has given.”

Stuart Self
Amateur Cyclists
Testimonial made via facebook

“I saw Ben for 10 sessions . Initially to try and help with a knee that had been a problem for almost 40 years. After many surgeries (20+) I was resigned to the prospect of a new knee joint. My PT recommended Ben and I am so so glad he did. I felt a huge difference after just one session and by the end of my 10 weeks was squatting and lunging pain free!”

Rachael Griffiths
Testimonial made via facebook