I went to Ben after suffering a knee injury when playing football. I had seen our club physio who hadn’t been able to resolve, or pinpoint the problem. Ben took a detailed look at the way my legs were moving and working and found that there was actually a few issues with the way I was walking, bending and generally moving which was causing excess strain on my knee.

Through Ben’s in depth knowledge of the anatomy and planes of motion, he was able to recommend exercises to re-train how my muscles were working and therefore how I walked and moved. Ben was always on call when I had questions about the treatment and how I was progressing.

I’m no longer in pain and back to playing football as a result of Ben’s help. Thanks, Ben!

Callum Budd
Project Manager
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Two key points, firstly Ben really knows his stuff and clearly has an inner passion to learn even more! Secondly, aching leg, stiff calves and stabbing pain all gone – magic may be a strong word, but Ben is a wizard! Top bloke. Top results

Mark Arrowsmith
Director at Decorative Mirrors Online
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I saw Ben after suffering from unexplained pain in both of my calves which was stopping me from exercising. In the past I put this down to an injury but wanted to get to the crux of the problem. After some simple tests, it appeared that a weak core was to blame and leading to some over-compensation of other muscles. The session finished with Ben demonstrating some exercises he would like me to do in my own time which I have continued to do since. It has been a week since my appointment and my calves are feeling great, allowing me to play football without the need for stopping! I just wish I went sooner! Would definitely recommend.

Kelvin Lawson
Research Executive
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Ben has been an absolute star in trying to get me back to full fitness after rupturing my Achilles tendon taking it one step at a time, I’ve never experienced such a supportive therapist.

Carole Dear
Head of Finance at the Brain Tumour Charity
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I initially saw Ben as I had sprained my ankle but he has helped me well beyond my ankle in straightening me, give me more flexibility and movement – I can even touch my toes. And it is a great experience because Ben is so passionate about what he does and gets very enthusiastic when he discovers something new or a part of the body connecting with another. Who knew that by moving my hyoid bone I would suddenly get movement in my ankle. But you do need to do the homework exercises to feel the full benefit.

Hilary Backwell
HR Consultant at Time2Time HR
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