Pressing The Reset Button On Years Of Pain

You have struggled with years of pain; it would appear that no matter what you’re unable to shake the issue and it does not matter how many massages or manipulations of the area the pain returns. Have you considered that perhaps those approaches (which are absolutely wonderful in the right circumstances) are not enough to reset the body to factory settings?

Your Brain Filters Out So Much Junk

Pain is nervous system controlled, your brain filters out so much junk that the only things that you are aware of are the pieces of information your brain deems necessary. Think about this, you’re most likely reading this wearing clothes (some maybe not, but most of you are), are you aware of your sock against your right foot? You are now because I have bought it to your attention, however if you were aware of clothes being against your skin constantly it would overwhelm your nervous system. Your brain filters this out as it is unnecessary information. So in cases of long term pain and discomfort where systemic (disease) issues have been ruled out you have to ask yourself, why does my brain constantly feel the need to bring this area to my attention?

Old Impact Injury or Random Pain?

If you had an impact injury and years later the pain is still present, the soft tissue will have healed and your body is likely living in a protective state and presents pain as a way to stop movement due to perceived threat. With a few assessments we can determine this to be the case and start creating more options for your body to move and in turn establish an environment for healing to take place and press that reset button.

If you didn’t have an impact injury but instead are struggling with idiopathic pain (pain with no obvious origin) your body is telling you that the area is coming to the end of its ability to deal with the mechanical or chemical (or both) load placed upon it. This can be due to past injuries, diet or stress and again can be assessed relatively quickly. As a mentor of mine points out below severity of symptoms rarely line up with severity of condition.

“It is nearly impossible to actually heal from chronic pain or chronic medical condition if the nervous system, brain and body do not feel safe” – Les Aria

“The relationship of underlying symptoms and severity of the underlying problem is often not a proportionate one. A lot of clients come in with really severe symptoms, only for the actual problem to end up being mundane and simple to resolve. This is the reason I am so optimistic for each new client” – Thomas Wells

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