3 Important Lessons Learned From 2021 Studies

Every August I usually expect a bit of a lull for school holidays and people I am working with going away, so I tend to do some hard study (more so than usual would you believe). Now ironically August has been absolutely mental, however I thought I’d share some interesting things I have learned over the last few months:


Now I know telling you not to stress is a paradox as you will likely stress more but when we stress we elevate the release of a hormone called cortisol which in turn elevates blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate. All of these are vital in certain situations, however long term consistent stressing will lead to stored fat, less energy and chronic inflammation.

SOLUTION: meditate. Meditation is not wishy washy voodoo hippy BS. Meditation doesn’t need to take place on top of a mountain with your legs crossed behind the back of your head. It can be done when taking part in something you enjoy. If you find an activity that you can really lose yourself in and can block out the stress of day to day life and relax into THAT is meditative and will lower cortisol.


Vibratory input is a sense we lose first before anything else in cases where we have a nerve issue. If you have tuning forks handy (just me?) then hit them, place it against your skin and do the exact same thing on the opposite side of the body in the same spot. Does the sensation feel consistently different one side to the other? If so you may have a nerve issue contributing to any pain or movement issue you may be struggling with.

SOLUTION: message me.


Your brain controls what sensations you do and do not feel. You read correctly, if you feel pain it is because your brain believes it worthy of your attention, likely due to perceived threat. This is why pain can sometimes appear as if from nowhere because a joint or organ is coming to the end of its ability to deal with the chemical or mechanical load placed upon it… your brain is saying “hey buddy, lets change something.”

SOLUTION (to number one as well): eat better, hydrate more, move more and meditate. If these don’t work or you’d like a faster more specific solution then feel free to message me.

Remember it is all connected,


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