“I Can’t Even Sit And Watch TV!” – Couch To Couch Rehabilitation

It has been 12 months since I started working with this particular client. When she arrived at clinic in August 2020 one of her opening statements was “I fear I may have to quit my job of being a nanny should we not be able to resolve my back pain!” So no pressure then!

She started to get back pain in February 2017 and felt as though over the last six months her pain was getting gradually worse. Walking was intermittently painful, running (something she had previously enjoyed) was a big no and one of her goals was to be able to sit and watch a whole film without having pain.

The Process

So we cracked on, taking a thorough injury history to give some clues as to how she got to this place. She had major traumas, emotionally draining events, sprained ankles, whiplash, concussions and broken bones. Then we asked questions of her overall movement and lifestyle, where does her body not want to move? Where does it hurt to move? Is she stable? What does her walking tell us? Can she manage her bodyweight? Does she have the ability to relax? What stress does she feel in life? All of this information is vital in helping to create a unique rehabilitation program.

On day one this is what was recorded:

  • Neck movement restrictions 3 out of 10 pain rating at end range
  • Inability to rotate throughout body, 4 out of 10 pain rating at end range
  • Restricted pelvic movement to left hand side, 4 out of 10 pain rating at end range
  • Lower back rigidity in toe touch, left hip pain, 5 out of 10 pain rating throughout
  • Whole body extension, pelvic restrictions and excruciating pain when leaning back, so much so we couldn’t complete full assessment
  • Inability to control stability when standing on one leg on either leg, both fall into pronation
  • Large asymmetries when walking, compensatory patterns to deal with current pain 

The Results

After 1 year of rehab and our 17th appointment together recently we’re now down to seeing each other once every two months and this is what has been recorded:

  • Neck movement shows symmetry and no pain
  • Rotation shows symmetry and no pain
  • Pelvic movement records slight limitation to left hand side but no pain
  • Spinal movement is fluid in toe touch, left hip limitation remains, no pain
  • Whole body extension is pain free and fluid
  • Single leg stability is current focus
  • Walking far more symmetrical with some slight asymmetries to iron out
  • Has completed 5KM runs
  • No pain consistently on a day to day basis
  • Can sit and watch an entire film (woo!)

Breaking global movement down and creating micro goals in order to build her back up whilst changing her brain and body’s relationship to her pain has been enough to elicit some drastic changes. She also dedicated herself to her rehab program and did all that was asked of her and more. I am immensely proud of what she has been able to achieve and take great pride in the fact I was able to aid her along her journey.

If you’re suffering from similar symptoms or feel as though you’d benefit from a holistic approach to your pain and movement please feel free to get in touch.

Remember it is all connected,


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