Make A Comeback In Your 40s!

Self-fulfilling prophecies are something all too common in the world of movement and pain. How often have you heard the phrase ‘I’m too old’ or ‘I’m falling apart’, said by someone in their 30s. Society is often shocked when someone ‘elderly’ is excelling at something physical. We have a collective tendency to also lambast those who are very active when above a certain age because of the perceived danger of ‘over doing’ it.

60 And 70 Year Olds CAN Improve Their Pain And Movement

I once worked with a 60 year old lady who would arrive at appointments on a scooter (the push a long ones not the Vespa type). She was critiqued by her daughter constantly as to how it was too dangerous for her to be out on a scooter at her age. But she was getting good exercise, maintaining physical activity and most importantly enjoying it! I know her daughter was coming from a good place, but wrapping people up in cotton wool is not the way to go, as they say ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it!’

70 year olds who have mastered every challenge I have set and in return been able to get to walking longer distances, playing golf or simply enjoying time with the grandkids. It would however have been easy for them to accept their fate as an unfortunate part of growing old.

Don’t Give Up On Your Pain And Movement Goals

In 2021 I have seen several people above the age of 40 who said upon their initial visit “I would love to get back to running, but I imagine at my age it is probably unrealistic.” What a terrible mind-set to be in when your 30’s were barely a few years ago, I wonder if they were all 39 would’ve they said the same? At what age does time hit you and overnight you fall into the bracket of ‘too old’.

Now I am aware everyone has completely unique circumstances and my whole game plan for changing pain is about treating you all as individuals no matter the symptoms. However if you’re hitting the age of 40 and believing certain goals or past feats are beyond you then I beg you to think again and back yourself to make a comeback.

Pain Is NOT An Age Based Disease

A client I have had the pleasure of working with recently who is in their early 50’s initially came in with two goals; number one was to rid herself of the back pain that had been plaguing her for 6 years and number two was to get back to running 5 KM’s. 15 sessions later and she is back pain free and now completing 5KM’s faster than she did when she was 35. Now don’t get me wrong her commitment has been outstanding, but it would’ve been far easier for her to wallow in pain than take a leap of faith and dedicate herself to improving her situation.

Pain is not an age based disease; it can affect anyone young to old but equally can be altered and improved with consistent commitment to change. No matter how long it has been around or how old you may feel you are, it is never too late to make a comeback!

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