Time With Zac, Not Being Held Back By My Back

Lockdown hasn’t always been pretty and I have had some dark moments like I am sure most have, however one thing that has been awesome is getting to spend time with my little boy, Zachary. He is 17 months old now and I have no idea where that time has gone!

He has been able to walk for the last six months and life since then has been mental! Over those six months me and him have developed a love / hate relationship based pretty much solely around the game me and my wife have titled ‘monsters’.

What Is ‘Monsters’?

Simply Charlotte (my wife) is the joyous beacon of hope Zac wishes to get to the safety of… and I am the foul smelling, hideous monster that does its best to stop Zac achieving his goal of getting to his mum. He loves it, laughs his little bum off and now most of the time when I enter a room he scampers off thinking that I am in monster mode, which often I am, as secretly I love it too!

Rather annoyingly however at the beginning of February I developed quite a nagging lower back pain and much to my son’s dissatisfaction, as well as my own, it put me out of the monster game for a little while. I used the techniques and methods I adopt with most clients whilst looking at my unique injury history to work through some assessments and set myself some rehab exercises. Within a few weeks I was back in the role I was born to play, a hideous monster.

Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Ability To Play With Your Kids

It gave me a brief insight in to what it must be like to struggle daily with lower back pain and see things you love to do being torn from you. I am hugely lucky to have the skills and knowledge to improve my situation pretty quickly, but after being in this line of work for almost a decade one trend I have noticed is people seem to wait and see. All the while they’re missing out on little games with their kids, playing football in the park or simply bending down to pick them up.

Don’t let those moments pass you by, take responsibility for your pain and alter how you’re using your body. If you are in long term pain something needs to change as the habits you’ve adopted are no longer fit for purpose.

Take whatever approach you feel is necessary to make sure you can play with your kids and do the things you love to do, as before you know it they’ll be locked in their room a grumpy teenager!

Remember it is all connected!


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