Does Your Neck Hurt? 3 Surprising Areas You Haven’t Considered

I want all of my clients to keep doing the things they love without apprehension whilst being free from pain. How I have been able to help many people just like you over the years with chronic (long term) conditions is by thinking outside the box and by providing direction and motivation to get from point A to point Z. Below are three things I have found extremely useful when working with those who struggle with long term neck pain: 

1. Move your feet

As the years go by and I see and help more and more people something that comes up time and again is that often if someone cannot rotate their neck in one direction they struggle to rotate their feet in the same direction.

Have you ever had a major ankle sprain? Broken any bones in the foot including the toes? If so and you’re suffering with neck pain the foot might be as decent place as any to start looking for answers. 

2. Look further down the spine

Quite often we forget that the neck, lower back, between the shoulder blades etc are man-made terms to divide different parts of the spine, however the spine is just one structure. If there are movement issues further down the spine this can definitely impact the upper areas and vice versa.

A great example of this is the Lovett reactor relationship, each vertebra is coupled in motion with another. C1, C2 and C3 (the top three vertebra of the spine) are coupled in motion with L3, L4 and L5 (essentially the area commonly referred to as the lower back) therefore impact on one vertebra can have influence elsewhere in the spine.

3. Have solid grip strength

Your neck and shoulder will have to compensate for poor grip strength. Something has to take the load if grip is weak and this can usually be anywhere along the arm right up to the neck.

Grip issues can quite often be due to too much tension in muscles at the forearm compressing the nerves vital for solid grip strength. Simply, if you have a history of any breaks, ligament or tendon issues down the arm and your neck is feeling the pinch; do not rule out grip weakness as something you need to improve.

There is often a fair bit of middle ground between you having long term pain and becoming completely free of it but every individual who I work with gets rehabilitation unique to themselves and their history with short term goals to keep them motivated; all geared towards a bigger picture of fluid, pain free, whole body movement.

Keep moving and remember it is all connected,


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