More Is Not Better, Better Is Better – No Need To Do Hours Of Daily Rehab

This is the second blog related to courses I have taken to aid on your journey to becoming pain free. The first article was about Neurokinetic Therapy.

What Is Anatomy in Motion (AiM)?

The brain child of a gentlemen named Gary Ward. His book called ‘What The Foot’ is well worth a read should you like to find out more. In the simplest sense it is a breakdown of the gait cycle (walking). Starting from the foot and observing how the corresponding joints react as a result of different foot motions.

Gary spent near a decade observing gait and mapping out phases of motion. He observed how certain joints should correlate with various actions throughout the whole system. In other words how the neck should move during certain foot motions or how the opposite shoulder is impacted by the pelvis and so on.

How Can It Work For You?

Through assessing movement as a whole, no couch based assessments, no hour long massages of one area and above all by not treating the knee alone because the knee hurts. It is likely very different to what you have tried before but completely logical in the ideology that your body works as one.

By giving you back what your body is missing in walking through a whole body process. For example your lower back might be painful but the reason could be because one or both of your feet aren’t doing the right thing at the right moment when walking to ‘unlock’ your lower back.

Do We Need To Reinvent The Wheel In Order To Change Your Overall Movement?

In short absolutely not! Convincing your nervous system and body to perform movements with just a millimetre or two difference might not sound a lot but in the long run can make a massive change. However a conscious and consistent effort is needed on your part to change your body’s habits, but this does not have to be time consuming. Most anatomy in motion related work can be completed in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

‘More is not better, better is better.’ – Kathy Dooley

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