The Often Overlooked Collarbone In Shoulder Issues

Why the Collarbone is Often Overlooked?

The truth is, I don’t know! Rehabilitation of the shoulder tends to lend more focus to the shoulder blade and rotator cuff muscles. In fact I can think of countless times where people have informed me they have a ‘winged’ scapula or a rotator cuff imbalance. Never has an internet diagnosed collarbone issue walked through the door. It is strange because the collarbone is the only bony articulation to hold the central skeleton to the shoulder.

Why the Collarbone Not Moving Well is a Big Problem

One end of your collarbone attaches to your chest and the other makes up an important part of your shoulder. If movement becomes fragmented for whatever reason at either end this can have a huge impact on your ability to bring your arm overhead.

Muscles that directly attach to your collarbone also connect to the skull, neck, shoulder blade and ribs. Therefore if your collarbone movement is below par it can have an impact on all the structures listed and more. As a result ooking at shoulder mechanics without focus on the collarbone will lead to vital pieces of information being left untreated.

Where to Start Improving Collarbone Mechanics?

The video demonstrates a great range of exercises and ideas to rehabilitate your collarbone. Especially in anyone who is recovering from surgery or a break – 18 Exercises for Collarbone Recovery

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