The Stupid Knee

It is a close call on a monthly basis as to what I come across more often, knee or lower back pain. Your knee’s take a battering over your life time, a mentor of mine once said ‘we live longer than ever before, however it would appear our knee joint isn’t designed to last as long as we now do!’ So how can we create longevity at the knee? By making sure your tibia (shin bone), femur (thigh bone) & fibula (on the outside of the shin bone) articulate as efficiently as possible during movement. This often involves making sure the hip and ankle help your friendly knee neighbour by collaborating effectively also.

“As far as joints go the knee is pretty stupid, it only does what the foot will allow and the hip can control” – Perry Nickelston

Your femur (thigh bone) can be hugely impactful on knee mechanics. Lack of femur internal rotation can often be caused by an inability for the femur to glide backwards; usually due to tight muscles at the back of the joint. If there isn’t enough glide backwards at the femur, pain at the front and outside of the knee tend to result. The following is a wonderful movement to try and encourage freedom at your femur –   Posterior Capsule Release

Fibula head ‘jamming’ is something that might be significant if you’re suffering pain on the outside of the knee. The head of the fibula can become unstable due to weakness in the hamstrings (more specifically a muscle called the bicep femoris) whom sit above the fibula head and over compensation in muscles known as the fibularis located directly below. A power struggle between the two can result in the ‘jamming’ issue accompanying. This basic exercise demonstrated in the following link can go some way to optimising fibula motion and relieving pain on the outside of the knee – Fibula Glide

Steve was considering surgery, informed he had osteoarthritis and was suffering constant knee pain; hear about his experience with Ben Fedrick Injury Therapy by following the link –  Steve’s Story

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