We Only Live Once

I urge anyone, pain or no pain to watch the video posted below. I had a client last week come in who had been advised by his doctor to stop going to the gym because it was dangerous for his back and shoulder, he is 23… I told him to ignore that. Now whether the doctor meant for him to take his advice as literally as he did, I don’t know but he hadn’t been to the gym for three months and his pain was still as bad as ever.

Who am I to defy the advice of a doctor? Absolutely no one, but I sent him this video along with some movement based exercises to do based on our session and told him to make up his own mind. Came back yesterday, shoulder pain gone, back pain improved but not eradicated, oh and he went to the gym three times last week.

I’m not trying to cause controversy or make it out in anyway that I know anymore about the body than a doctor, but the fact of the matter is this guy will live once! At 23 to be told it is ‘dangerous’ for him to go to the gym is something I feel promotes a sedentary lifestyle, creates anxiety around his problem as well as exercise and can lead to depression as he feels unable to do something he once loved. He said himself ‘it was just great to have something to do after work with the weather being so bad’.

This last year I have worked with and met people who have made me realise any problem I have ever had is of minor significance, people who have conditions which means they no longer have the ability to move freely and I can honestly say some of them have been the most up beat and positive people I have ever met. So I urge every able bodied person to move as much as they can. If its hurts to move find someone who can guide you and teach you how to move well, but never take foregranted that you have a gift that others would give absolutely anything to have.

Video Link – Back Pain, Separating Fact from Fiction

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